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The Prying Eye is a co-op point-and-click horror adventure game for the NES. This demo was made for the NESmaker Byte-Off 2020 competition. 



This demo is an interactive teaser for The Prying Eye,
and does not represent the finished game. Many elements 
will be changed as the game progresses in development.

Follow future development of this game on Twitter: 



After taking a detour down a long country road, Riley 
Hargrave's life takes a serious turn. Through the 
foreboding stormy night, a bolt of lightning strikes 
a nearby power line and crashes onto the hood of her

Riley wakes up inside a mysterious old manor, with the
front door missing its handle. Trapped inside the manor, 
her only option is to explore every room in search for a 
way out.

But some places are best left undiscovered...

Install instructions

This NES ROM requires UNROM 512 / Mapper#30 supported hardware or emulators. Please use Mesen, FCEUX, or original NES hardware for the best experience.


PryingEye_The_ByteOff2020_Demo.zip 16 MB


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I'm amazed at the things you're able to achieve. Huge fan here.


LOL! Loved it man! That ending cracked me up...Sounded just like a good friend of myne from back home, and something he would actually say.

This is really cool! Love the art and the point & click mechanics!