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CrossPaint is a charming and powerful art studio that runs on your NES and Famicom!

This true NES drawing program lets your creativity run free. Master its variety of tools to create advanced NES graphics! Connect a SNES mouse via a SNES -> NES controller adaptor for a true PC drawing experience!

- Create custom palettes out of the 54 unique colors in the NES's master palette!

- Use 4 custom background palettes simultaneously! [16x16 pixel attributes]

- Zoom in on tiles and draw pixel by pixel! 

- Set horizontal scroll offsets per scanline! [Allows for pseudo-16x1 pixel attributes]

- Set color emphasis per scanline! [Allows for over 100 unique colors on screen]

- SNES mouse support!

- Multi-region ROM [NTSC and PAL]



There are many variations of the NES PPU that were manufactured, and different flashcart hardware that can be used to play NES ROMs. CrossPaint uses many advanced techniques that are unstable on certain PPU revision + flashcart combinations. This chart tracks the stability of running CrossPaint on different PPU revisions, clones, and flashcarts. Please consider helping fill out the rest of this chart!

CrossPaint is a UNROM512 ROM [iNES mapper #30]. Make sure your flashcart has the proper support for this mapper type.



*BLUE = Aftermarket

All listed 2C02 revisions can be found on Japanese Famicom systems. 

Rev-E, Rev-G, and Rev-H 2C02s are found on North American NES systems. 

2C07 revisions are found on PAL NES systems.

✔ - Stable                                                             

✘- Unstable

?✔ - Likely Stable

?✘ - Likely Unstable

?? - Stability Unknown



CrossPaint has been tested to run properly on Mesen, NEShawk, and PuNES. Mesen is the recommended emulator to use for SNES mouse support.



This is a WIP demo of CrossPaint. More features will be added and fleshed out as development progresses towards a final release.

Please consider following future development of this game on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/cross_cutter



CrossPaint_v0_60_DEMO.zip 53 kB

Install instructions

This NES ROM requires UNROM 512 / Mapper#30 supported hardware or emulators. Please use Mesen or original NES hardware for the best experience.

Development log


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I have no idea why music tools became synonymous with art programs but I'm glad you're keeping the legacy alive. Keen to see what this turns into!

Absolutely incredible! Way to go CutterCross!

This is simply incredible! Thanks!

You always do such incredible work! It's crazy to see all of that working. Thanks for sharing the demo.

Nice Work Cutter! Love all the visual features you developed! 

Congrats on getting this out, Cutter.